Chivado's Journey

Our project, and our mission!

Our tireless commitment goes to support restaurateurs, because they are key pillars of our communities, lifeblood for our social life and our high streets too


Founder & CEO

Restaurants have been a second home for us. We grew up in lounge areas full of customers, between kitchen ovens and counters loaded with food. When the 2020 pandemic broke out and pushed the hospitality industry to the edge of a total collapse, we quickly felt personally involved. Not just in light of the empathy that tied us to our childhood restaurants, yet in addition for the awareness of a loss that was certainly economic, but above all cultural. Since for us, restaurants, taverns, and pubs are not simply a type of revenue for countless people, they are also part of who we are. Eating out is likewise about having a ball, confiding in friends over brunch, settling an argument with a pint. We couldn't bear to watch that such a significant part of our identity would be swept away, with us sitting idle.

This is why we founded Chivado, the social food marketplace that sides with restaurant owners and their customers.

With our App, digitalisation opens up for everybody, breaking down physical barriers and wiping out expensive intermediations.

So that our restaurants and our users can reach one another and engage easily. Thus, our Chivaders are treated with their favourite dishes and drinks straightforwardly from the chefs and bartenders who prepared them with care and passion. In doing this, we have consistently seen food and drinks not as simple items but rather as culture, a steady feeling, an aspect of our identity. Along these lines, we give our users the chance to discover intriguing stories and new and appealing insights concerning restaurants, pubs and bars in their area, or to share photos, opinions, and culinary experiences. With our services, we aim to protect and enhance the food and drink hospitality sector, which is a major piece of our society. And therefore, also of ourselves.

Our contagious commitment

Chivado was lucky enough to grow from the very beginning with daring, passionate and tirelessly purposeful people, who worked in prestigious firms, from Google to Alibaba

We live in different countries, from London to Tehran, passing through Istanbul and Rome; all equally ambitious, with different and complementary experiences and qualifications. We are a team of innovators who promote the urgency of an ethical and sustainable business model for digital food services

Our core values


It is not what you do that matters, but the memory it leaves. If it's not memorable, what did you do it for?


We value the story of us all, in our identity and our diversity, and we are eager to share it! Much of it passes through dining tables


The small choices of each make everyone's tomorrow. This is why we always consider them big


We are not afraid to disrupt all the balances in the industry as we know it; so we do it


We take pleasure seriously and face any challenge with the powerful weapon of fun


We are born to be sociable. And that's really it: wine or beers, few slices of pizza, some good friends, and the miracle of food and drink bringing people together